life is a fragile gift

Is it not enough reason to uphold Humanity with the dignity it surely deserve ,having been created from God’s image and likeness?.Anyway let’ts put that a side.My worry today is based on the terrific rate of abhorent activities demeaning the purpose of life.Okay,why exactly should we live if we ca’nt feel alive?.Millions of people today are wallowing in the menace of drug abuse ,to the extent of some being in the verge of death but still ca’nt see that..Who exactly should we a portion the blame ?the society?…maybe.But come think of it,how many government and nongovernment organisation  put a place to cater for the same?The number is way too far.Its not news for people to carry out a battery of heinous activities like abortion~no health related issues ~ in the process endangering the precious life entrusted to them by God .To be precise life is like a glass can crush into uncountable pieces when jeopardised at any cost.


Let’s be conscious of murderous bussineses

Am not a stingy person neither am i perfecting any art related to that.I  respect your premises and the effort put in place to ensure the final product is intact.But I just don’t fancy the idea of being exploited financially.I always believe that  when you establish a bussines you don’t regard it as a ‘get rich first scheme’.Preparing yourself psychologically on the loses and profits awaiting you,will definitely do you good.Just recently i visited a cyber cafe for internet services in one of the remote areas in Kenya.Am aware that internet access is not a die easy stuff in such places.Mark you before landing into this cyber  I’d visited two more the previous day but they are both conveying the same message,’poor services’.When i first entered I had this feeling of ‘finally am going to be served ‘.Unfortunately I was left with an odd feeling of ‘I think i was dreaming.The author of those three books tend to be the same person or if not they work hand in hand because the story line was the same.I hated the fact that i was ditching my pocket deep especially with services poorly rendered .Even if the amount wasn’t significant the fact remains I was excessfully charged which is not fair.I know by now you are wondering why I couldn’t raise my hoarse voice.Am a polite person by nature.In fact it’s in born.I just did the expected of every wise individual ‘lamenting hard inside’.One thing you should be rest assured with is I swore over my living body never to step my feeble legs there again.Which I wholly believe it was a great  thought.To the owners of those cyber places i visited.Am very human,not a robot.I perfectly understand the financial crises you under went when setting that thing up.But for you you to exploit me financially it’s very unacceptable,you won’t only lose me but  another customer with the same mentality as mine.Keep your murderous bussiness for yourself.

Women as breadwinners,kinda disturbing

There is a common saying that goes,”Behind every successful man there is a woman”.How about behind every successful woman?. My assumption is there is a successful man.My worries today is based on the fact that many successful women are single, driven by this notion of being ‘miss independents ‘  mmmmhh,too bad.Or in most cases are divorcees!!.They just can’t stand any form of bullshit from a man .After  all money is not a problem.What do you think of this marriage between a successful woman and a jobless man?For me it’s a complete mishap,a mess up.Ofcourse am aware of successful marriages with a combination of the two. Personally i believe for a man to earn his total respect from the wife,being some level higher will do him good.Remember power and money are part and parcel ,they go hand in hand.Your wife has money automatically the feeling of owning you up comes in.Jobless men will bear me witness,’dealing with this career woman,ever sophisticated kind of a lady’ has never been easy for them.Let me clarify something.Not all men go through that.Am just advocating for the ‘a few’.And for the ‘a few’ it’s high time you wake up from that slumber land .Do something substancial and save yourself the humiliation.A piece of advice to my ‘ever sophisticated career women’ Nothing in this world is permanent and God can lift  anyone from the scratch .Today you may look down upon your jobless husband ,deprive him his manly respect.Too bad,you don’t have even the clueless clue about tomorrow.All goes around comes around.

Sectrets unfolded for you

You need not to have the flair of Steve Jobs or hair of Elon Musk to become a great entrepreneur.I know the whole bit about entrepreneurship is a cliché  but there is essence behind the emphasis.In order to  be in a den comprising the likes of  Richard Branson,Bill Gates,Mark Zuckerberg and the rest you need to tie your knots even more tighter.They never woke up and find themselves in those positions.Remember if you want to be like a lion you need to think like a lion.And if you want to outsmart a lion,you need to have a killer insticts.To my friends who are already there bravo!And to them who are not sure the steps to take am here for you.The following will do you good.

  1. PASSION&MOTIVATION;This is a very fundamental trait.Have you ever done a right thing at the wrong time?Like it’s 2a.m in the morning  but you still up until you complete that project.Hey you are not crazy you are just passionate about what you are doing.
  2. RISK TAKING;Successful entrepreneurs always dive into future of uncertainity.Mark you not all risk takers make it up there it all depend how one evaluates the risk involved.
  3. SELF BELIEF;Have you ever been stubborn before?If not then here is the place.Stubbornes and intense focus are very paramount.
  4. ADAPTABILITY &FLEXIBILITY;Welcome all suggestion for optimization and customization that satisfies client and market needs.Remember you are not developing products as a hobby but for the market.
  5. UNDERSTAND YOUR OFFERING;Be on standby .Know your market place and it’s dynamics inside and out.Beware of changes lest they cost you dearly.
  6. MONEY MANAGEMENT;Be smart,utilize your capital wisely.Be in that position of planning for present and future financial obligation.
  7. PLANNING;Do not plan everything at a go .This may hinder you from making even the first step.Maintain a mindset of dealing with unforeseen  possibilities.
  8. NETWORKING ABILITIES;Do not seek comfort in commiseration .Reach out to mentors with more experience and extensive network.
  9. TAKING EXIST;Try something else if that field doesn’t yield any fruit.
  10. DOUBT-NOT THAT MUCH;Ask yourself questions like,“AM I REALY   AN ENTREPRENEUR?”.That courage of asking yourself such  intimidating questions shows that you are good to go.